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Wayne Dyer~~~~~~Dr. Wayne Dyer says~~~~~~

“Nothing Short of Joy is a masterpiece that will take you out of your comfort zone and into a magical world of joy. I love this book. I love this woman. Read it and reap.”

–Dr. Wayne Dyer, author, Excuses Begone! (Hay House, 2009), The Shift (DVD, Hay House), Change Your Thoughts — Change Your Life (Hay House, 2007)

Being born a dwarf, complete with degenerative arthritis, was not the curse Julie Genovese originally believed… it was magic. As a young girl she considered herself a freak, unworthy of a rich, full life. There were desperate times of humiliation, medical studies, naked photos for medical texts, arthritis, and multiple operations, including two brain surgeries…

In this candid, intimate and entertaining memoir, share Julie’s incredible journey from ‘victimhood’ to empowerment, as Julie’s troubles were ultimately turned into treasures by the one choice that changes everything: She decided she would stop at nothing short of joy.

Absorb the self-empowering lessons in
Nothing Short of Joy and discover your own path to
peace, happiness and a life without limits.

Christiane Northrup“Julie Genovese’s story is eloquent and moving proof that our spirits are always intact and always whole — regardless of how things appear physically. Hers is a fascinating and thoroughly readable story of courage and triumph!”

–Christiane Northrup, M.D. Author, Secret Pleasures of Menopause, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause.

It took years of screaming at the rain before Julie realized that she had the power to calm the storm inside. In her search for meaning, she discovered that the very things which had vexed her for her entire life, catapulted her onto her path. As heartache turned into wholeness, Julie decided she could create her own personal Eden. Let Nothing Short of Joy be a part of your path to inspiration and empowerment.

Nothing Short of Joy offers a magnificent lesson in activating human potential. Julie Genovese proves that we are far more than a body, and the heart is the greatest healer. I want everyone who seeks to grow beyond their conditions to read this book and put Julie’s masterful principles into action. Here is a rare and penetrating road map to spiritual freedom.”
–Alan Cohen, Author, Linden’s Last Life and A Deep Breath of Life

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Nothing Short of Joy is an adventure in hope, faith and the deep peace of finding one’s place in the world. It is a reminder of how courage and strength are born out of challenging times. How struggles can rekindle your spirit and illuminate your path. How your inner power is stronger than any outer circumstance.

Bernie Siegel

“Julie Genovese is an inspiration and a teacher for those who want to heal what can’t be cured. So pain, hate and fear lead us to faith, hope and love.”
–Bernie Siegel, M.D. Author, Peace, Love and Healing

Read Nothing Short of Joy and discover how adversity can be turned into joyful purpose. How the universe is wildly rooting for you, working around the clock for you and loving you more than you have ever dreamed.

“If you have ever wondered what it must be like to have a physically different body, you will relish this compelling memoir. From the very first sentence, Julie draws readers into her extraordinary world with an immediacy that provides an intimate view of her emotional life. The lessons Julie learned that eventually brought her great joy will remain with you always. You won’t be reading about her experience; you will be living it with her.” – Susan Page, author, How One of You Can Bring the Two of You Together and Why Talking Is Not Enough.

*Discover Joy on your own terms*

“Julie Genovese is a master at combining great storytelling with witty humor and profound depth. Her book is a mirror to the soul and a question to the heart. It unveils the feelings behind every sense of ‘not measuring up’ and universalizes the experience so we can all grow from the insights Julie has been gathering all her life.” –Jan Phillips, author, The Art of Original Thinking, The Making of a Thought Leader, Divining the Body, Marry Your Muse.

After tackling adversity and transforming her fears, Julie found the keys to joy. The challenges helped her to carve out bigger dreams than she’d ever believed in before. Discover her secrets inside the pages of Nothing Short of Joy.

“Julie Genovese’s book is an inspiring pick me up for the soul and most certainly a read that is nothing short of joy.”

– Tal Shai, Founder of Big Dream Guru

*Do Your Dream*

Nothing Short of Joy is an amazing story of triumph against all odds! Born with painful, debilitating limitations, Julie Genovese courageously utilized her spiritual beliefs to create a life of love and joy. Beautifully and eloquently written, her book offers hope, joy and release to people who are suffering in any way!”
—Kari Joys MS, author, Choosing Light-Heartedness.

Buy now and get your book personally inscribed by the author!

*Fall in love with life, again.*

Many teachers in the self-help, motivational and metaphysical fields truly wish to help others to improve their lives and find greater peace and joy. They are glad to support other authors in getting their hopeful message into the world and will often inform their own customers about another author’s work. So it is with this book launch.

All of the authors and experts below have agreed to support Nothing Short of Joy because they believe it can inspire those who read it. This kind of teamwork is amazing and has brought wonderful new connections. It is a JOYFUL experience! So please take some time to visit the web sites of the wonderful people who have agreed to work with us. Most of them are also offering special bonus gifts, so you can sample their teachings. Some of these teachers may not interest you and some may. If you like what you read, bookmark the bonus gift page and enjoy what is offered, with love.


Bob DoyleBob Doyle, CEO of Boundless Living, Inc, http://www.wealthbeyondreason.com

Bob, one of the teachers featured in the film The Secret, encourages people to fully explore any and all of their passions, playing full out all the time, thus allowing the law of attraction to work effortlessly to attract all that they desire into their lives. His latest book, The Path, focuses on putting the law of attraction principles into daily action, based on your sense of purpose and passion. Unclear on your passions? The Path helps you there as well. Bob’s highly acclaimed “Experiential Meditation” designed to put you powerfully in vibrational alignment with those things you’re attracting utilizing the information you read in The Path.

Colette Baron-ReidColette Baron-Reid, Intuitive counselor and psychic medium, http://colettebaronreid.com

Colette Baron-Reid is a best-selling author, an internationally acclaimed intuitive counselor and psychic medium with a client base spanning 29 countries. She has facilitated hundreds of her popular seminars and workshops worldwide on developing intuition and the art of creating a meaningful reality.

Peggy MccollPeggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author, President, Dynamic Destinies Inc., http://destinies.com

New York Times Best Selling Author of 21 Distinctions of Wealth, Peggy McColl helps you track your progress towards enriching your life with the 21 life-changing affirmations checklist. You also receive her powerful video outlining the 3 step process for attracting more abundance PLUS an audio download of wealth affirmations.

Stefanie HartmanStefanie Hartman, “The Expert’s Expert,” International Speaker and Consultant, Author/Speaker Business Building Training, Hart of Success Blog

Stefanie specializes in providing proven ‘real world’ marketing strategies to generate on-going revenues, build your database and position you as a top expert in your field. A rarity in the industry, she reveals the TRUTH and helps entrepreneurs eliminate the learning curve and avoid the many pitfalls and costly mistakes that only the top 1% of income earners know. Learn about how the timing and the culture is perfectly aligned to help YOU profit from this No List, No Money, No Risk Marketing Strategy!

Jennifer McLeanJennifer McLean, healer & sound vibration specialist, Creator of Body Dialog System, http://www.healingwiththemasters.com, http://www.healingrelease.com

Jennifer is the author of The Big Book of YOU and host of the popular teleseminar Intensive Healing With The Masters. Her audio, Soul Song of 2010 is a channeled melody that includes a deep body dialoging session guiding you to awareness of the internal obstacles to your dreams. The song knits your dreams in place and grounds them into your being, vibrationally nudging out those traumas that no longer serve you. In the second audio from her Healing With The Masters program, Jennifer walks you through techniques to use each day that release the obstacles to the things you want in your life, whether that is health, wealth or relationships.

Dr. Joe RubinoDr. Joe Rubino, CEO, The Center for Personal Reinvention, http://www.DrJoeRubino.com

Dr. Rubino’s 7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem is the insightful, eye-opening audio program based on his internationally best-selling book, The Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Boost the Most Underrated Ingredient for Success and Happiness. Discover why lacking Self-Esteem is the #1 cause of most negative emotions such as anger, hurt, greed, fear, and guilt. Learn how to replace negative messages and stop the downward spiral of self-sabotage with an easy to follow system. PLUS, receive a 1 Year Subscription to The Success Achievers Club and Success Code Newsletter, filled with insightful articles, tips, free and discounted offers for those interested in maximizing their happiness and success.

Anita Pathik LawAnita Pathik Law, Founder of The Power of Our Way Community, http://www.powerofmyway.com

Called “Midwife to the Soul” by her clients, Anita shares (2) two powerfully transformational healing meditations accompanied by Brent Law on music: I Am Able and Standing in a New Reality. These offer you heavenly respite and proven tools to shift at the subconscious and energetic levels as you just simply relax and receive.

Lauren E. MillerLauren E. Miller, Full-time author, Stress Relief Expert and Inspirational Speaker, http://www.laurenemiller.com

Lauren E. Miller shares her personal story of triumph through cancer and divorce along with stress relief techniques and practices to help guide others back to themselves as connected to God. She offers healing by addressing emotional and physical issues through an acupuncture-type approach — without the needles.

Susan Smith JonesDr. Susan Smith Jones, http://www.SusanSmithJones.com

With extraordinary contributions in the fields of holistic health, optimum nutrition and balanced living, Susan travels internationally as a frequent radio/TV talk show guest and keynote speaker; she’s also the author of over 1,500 magazine articles and 25 books, including one of her new releases entitled Culinary Herbs: Discovering the Healing Secrets in Your Spice Rack. Who knew that you could use ordinary spices to reduce cholesterol levels, lose weight, prevent motion sickness, look younger, give your brain wake-up chemicals, and make you a stellar chef?

Laura BushnellLaura Bushnell, Clairvoyant, http://www.magicklady.com

Author of Life Magic (Miramax 2006.) Laura has worked for over 35 years as a spiritual guide and mentor.

Ryan PearsonRyan Pearson, Creator of S.O.U.L. Coaching, Founder of The S.O.U.L. System Life Guide, http://www.lifecoachryan.com

Professionally trained Spiritual Life Coach, writer and inspirational speaker, Ryan is also co-host of the popular online talk radio show, Empower Hour Radio. Best known for assisting his clients and readers in the discovery and expression of their own inner greatness, Ryan’s work brings others to attract more love, joy, prosperity and inner peace to their lives.

Tal ShaiTal Shai, M.A., Author, Speaker, Intuitive Prosperity Coach, http://www.BigDreamGuru.com

Tal provides savvy and spiritual solutions for women everywhere to grow their business and expand their lives. Step-by-step, exercises and principles see your heartfelt dreams set in motion!

Lee GlicksteinLee Glickstein, Founder and President, Speaking Circles International, http://www.speakingcircles.com

Coach and authority in authentic expression Lee Glickstein teaches you the natural way to speak with presence and power in front of any group, so that you feel absolutely at ease and enjoy your audience’s rapt attention. His book, Speaker’s Guide to Authentic Connection: The Alchemy of Influence Through Relational Presence, offers a clear and innovative method for leaders and learners ready to transcend performance technique and tap directly into the raw magnetism of your natural presence and charisma.

Helen GravesHelen Graves, Grand Poohbah of Crackerjack Online Marketing Strategy, CrackerjackOnlineMarketing.com

Helen’s contrarian style mixing marketing with fun shows creative, service-oriented business owners how to grow their business the easy way. With a diverse background in education, Neuro-Linguistic programming and Adlerian psychology, Helen has discovered success comes as a result of being your true self, rather than from following a prescribed set of rules. Her own journey navigating the ups and downs of building her own company led Helen to specialize in helping solo business owners use their online marketing most persuasively. “Your business can only grow as fast and as far as you do. The beliefs, actions and thinking that support your current level of business are not the ones that will support growth. And the most important belief to nurture is that marketing can be fun!”

Rachel Jayne GrooverRachel Jayne Groover, Life Coach, http://www.theyinproject.com, Creator of The YIN Project

Through her international practice as a Life Coach, Rachel works as an educator and workshop leader with both men and women to raise understanding of the importance of the feminine principle in intimate relationships and in shifting global consciousness. This is the passion fueling The YIN Project. FREE subscription to The YIN Project e-newsletter, which includes articles and practical tools to support you to embody your feminine power and increase your personal presence.

Jeanna GabelliniJeanna Gabellini, Certified Personal Professional Coach, http://www.MasterPeaceCoaching.com

Find out what practices serve you best and accomplish the long-term results you’re seeking in The Art Of Practice by author Jeanna Gabellini. Use her program, become conscious and effectively interrupt those very practices that distract you from the progress you desire. Those who have mastered their field understand this and repetitively act on this important lesson. You, too, can achieve this mastery.

Hara TaicherHara Taicher, Author, Speaker, Spiritual Life Coach, Mind/Body Wellness Expert, http://getcenteredwithhara.com

Hara has trained with some of today’s top Spiritual Leaders and Holistic Doctors to learn the latest therapies available to cure the body of illness and the mind of limitation. Founder of Get Centered, a wellness center located in NYC, she also lectures coast to coast on the importance of forgiveness, cleansing and alkalizing your body and transforming old unproductive patterns. Get Centered has been featured in many publications including Harper’s Bazaar and In-Style and Hara has been interviewed on “Trend Watch,” Good News Broadcast and German TV Morning Show. Her book, Changing Your Thinking Changes Your Life: Your Personal GPS Guide To Extraordinary Living, is full of easy to follow information and tools that clear out those impediments to achieving your goals and put you on a course to begin living the life you desire NOW.

Lynne Joy McFarlandLynne Joy McFarland, Film Producer, Life and Abundance Coach , President and CEO, The LINC Charitable Corporation, http://www.thetimeisnow.tv

As an expert on leadership and creating prosperity, Lynne Joy has advised distinguished CEO’s, celebrities, philanthropists, entrepreneurs. Now she offers you the huge benefits of her life-enhancement coaching based on years of wisdom and success with her FREE introductory coaching session, a sneak preview of the powerful visionary film The Time Is Now!, and a FREE subscription to the results-packed The Time Is Now newsletter. Enjoy her film preview, find out how to make a huge difference, meet inspiring world leaders who will uplift your life and empower you to create a brilliant future!

Russell ForsythRussell Forsyth, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Crystal healer and medium, http://www.russellforsyth.com/

Through guided visualizations, Russell works to connect you with your angels for loving messages about your life. These sessions will leave you with a renewed sense that ‘you are not alone’ when it comes to dealing with issues such as love, career and family. The angels will gift you with their ministering spirits to better equip you to handle life’s challenges like grief, manipulation, anger and other toxic emotions that are standing in the way of you reaching your highest good. With a better understanding and a clear picture of your life, you will be better able to forgive, love and live your life as the person that you are.

Amy Christine BushAmy Phoenix, amyphoenix.com

Amy is a Parent Talk Facilitator, Reiki Master, meditation facilitator, and mother of three who assists parents and others in connecting to their inner core of peace to live life fully and create family harmony.


Lauren MacklerLauren Mackler, Graduate of The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, International Bestselling Author, http://www.laurenmackler.com

Lauren is a world-renowned coach, keynote speaker, and host of the weekly Life Keys radio show on Hay House Radio. She has risen to international prominence by developing Illumineering™, a groundbreaking coaching method to free people from the shackles of their life conditioning, to create the personal and professional lives to which they aspire. Download three chapters of Solemate: Master the Art of Aloneness & Transform Your Life. Solemate is about mastering the art of aloneness, but it’s not about being alone. It provides practical tools for gaining greater mastery of your life, and becoming the person you were born to be.

Jackie LapinJackie Lapin, http://www.TheArtOfConsciousCreation.com

You’ve heard about the Law of Attraction. You must begin pro-actively Consciously Creating Your Life—marshalling all of your intent, energy, creative visionary skills and power of creation to manifest the future you choose to live. This powerful ebook, Beyond The Law Of Attraction: How Conscious Creation Can Help You Create The Blueprint For Your Future, explains the science that proves that going from vision to reality is more than just myth. If you’ve heard about the Law of Attraction, you’re only a tenth of the way there.

Don GibersonDon Giberson, Founder and President of DreamCrafters, Inc., http://www.dreamcrafters.ca

Dedicated to “making your dreams come true,” Don is a Master Law of Attraction Trainer and Coach. As a Senior Instructor at the Law of Attraction Training Center he helps train hundreds of Law of Attraction teachers and coaches. Don is the author of The Zen of Attraction: How to Connect with Your Soul and Fulfill Your Destiny (to be released in May 2010). Imagine living a life you absolutely love. That is the goal of Don’s Attract A Life You Love Program. Master the principles and processes of the Law of Attraction and learn how to apply them to attract what you want in every major area of your life.

Abby SeixasAbby Seixas, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, http://www.deepriverwithin.com

Abby Seixas is a psychotherapist, speaker and author of Finding the Deep River Within: A Woman’s Guide to Recovering Balance and Meaning in Everyday Life. Since 1994, her popular “Deep River” groups have helped countless women reclaim their life-balance and bring more sanity and soul back into daily life. In addition, Abby offers retreats, workshops, and individual coaching. Her television appearances include NBC’s The Today Show and the Hallmark Channel and her work has been featured in O. The Oprah Magazine, Self, Woman’s Day, Fitness, Body + Soul, and The Boston Globe.

Tracy Lee NashTracy Lee Nash, http://www.withinthelight.com

Tracy Lee Nash is an international intuitive, medium and founder of Within The Light. Her clients have included authors, film producers and radio personalities.

Sheryl Paul

Sheryl Paul, M.A., http://www.consciousweddings.com

In 1998 Sheryl pioneered the field of bridal counseling and has counseled thousands of people worldwide through her private practice, her bestselling books, The Conscious Bride and The Conscious Bride’s Wedding Planner, and her web site. Regarded as the international expert on the wedding transition, she has appeared several times on The Oprah Winfrey Show, as well as on Good Morning America and other top television, radio, and newspapers around the globe.

Lin MorelLin Morel, MA, DSS, Bridge2Brilliance, http://www.LinMorel.com, http://www.BeyondWordsGroup.com

Lin Morel, founder of the Bridge2Brilliance Mentoring Program and author of Get Clear. Get Connected. Get a Job., is a long time coach and advocate for those seeking answers to life’s tough questions. Lin shows clients and organizations how to unleash their innate brilliance and excel in their chosen field. At Lin’s site, receive the ebook version of Get Clear. Get Connected. Get a Job.

Terri Amos BritTerri Amos-Britt, Founder of TheEnlightenedMom.com, http://www.TheEnlightenedMom.com

Terri is a spiritual coach, author and motivational speaker. Her mission is to bring moms together from across the globe to celebrate one another and take a stand for healing our world. She has created a simple way for you to let go of what you don’t want, and open up to what you do. Mom, are you ready to be playful again? Are you ready to shift from feeling frustrated, stressed, and angry and instead fill your home with laughter, warmth and joy? Receive Terri’s Release Anger, Frustration & Blame Meditation PLUS, a specially selected excerpt from The Enlightened Mom at her site.

Mary HallMary Hall, http://www.healthandhealingconnections.com

Mary Hall is a passionate healer whose presence and focus come directly from the heart. In the presence of this love energy, you become reacquainted with the love that YOU are. Mary holds this approach through a protocol of realigning and release using multiple modalities including E.F.T., several proprietary energy healing modalities (H.E.A.R.T. and L.E.T.) and Repatterning. This creates the place of safety enabling deep and profound shifts moving into the truth of who you are. Mary offers a unique audio meditation ensuring you are the perfect magnet for all you want each day. This meditation is imbued with special healing energies from her H.E.A.R.T (Heart Energy Activation Resonance Technique) that you feel as soon as you start to listen.

Alexandra Delis-AbramsAlexandra Delis-Abrams, Ph.D., http://www.theattitudedoc.com, http://www.abcfeelings.com

Utilizing a revolutionary protocol, Neuro-physical Reprogramming, Dr. Alexandra Delis-Abrams, also known, as “The Attitude Doc,” encourages adults to provide a feelings vocabulary to children in order to better identify and express feelings. Her latest accomplishment is Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices, a resource book written to explore 75 different feelings through client histories and the inspiring stories of those Alexandra has encountered. Dr. Alexandra is affiliated with the Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation, is on the staff of the Adjunct Faculty at Boise State University, a Fellow to The American Institute for Stress, a member of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology, an Advanced Holistic Health Practitioner and a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher.

Linda W. CassellLinda W. Cassell, CPCC, Executive Coach, Quantum Leap Coaching and Training, QuantumLeapCoachingandTraining.com

Work matters! Why settle for something less than you deserve? Linda Cassell, CPCC, teaches executives how to jumpstart their careers. Linda shows how new ways of “being” will set the stage for creating a rich and fulfilling professional life.

Dr. Christian PankhurstDr. Christian Pankhurst, D.C, http://www.christianpankhurst.com

In July of 2000, I met a stranger in the Arizona desert who shared something so remarkable, everything in my life changed. Ten years later, I’m sharing this wisdom with the world. This wisdom moves through me to assist people in connecting with their heart and, in doing so, I guide them to experiencing their own greatness in a safe and nurturing way. From this place, an awareness grows within them that all things are possible and, through gentle clarity, layers of resistance, sabotage and defense melt away and are replaced with a new zest for life, where they connect with their ‘juice’ and finally find their way back to living their purpose and manifesting what they truly want with ease and grace.

Mary MorrisseyMary Morrissey, President & Founder LifeSOULutions, http://www.MaryMorrissey.com

Speaker, best-selling author, and consultant Mary Morrissey’s transformational talks and seminars have made her one of the elite teachers in the human potential movement. She has spoken at the United Nations, met with Nelson Mandela, lead meetings with the Dalai Lama, and authored two best-selling books, No Less Than Greatness and Building Your Field of Dreams. As a highly sought after inspirational speaker, executive coach, and corporate consultant, Mary has 30 years experience empowering individuals to achieve new heights of spiritual aliveness, wealth, and authentic success.

Stephanie RiseleyStephanie Riseley, Certified Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressions, Cognitive Behavior Modification, Guided Imagery, NLP practitioner, http://www.stephanieriseley.com

Let award winning author, Stephanie Riseley, share her raw, shocking and utterly believable story. Experience first-hand what happened when her husband died and then came back to not only make amends, but to make love from the Other Side. Creations Magazine raved: “Riseley’s mind-blowing account of communicating with her deceased husband is easily one of the most thought-provoking and irresistible books of our young century.” Other reviewers call Love From Both Sides, “courageous, riveting and utterly compelling.” Read four chapters of her book Love From Both Sides – A True Story of Soul Survival and Sacred Sexuality FREE!

Helen DanielsHelen Daniels, Genius Parent Coach, http://www.helendaniels.com

Coach and teacher for over 15 years Helen observes “We were all born geniuses (genii), and most of us lost touch with our natural gifts as we grew up. I can help you re-ignite your passion for life, open a flow of creativity, and experience a loving connection in all your relationships — live your genius. When you are a parent, your children learn from who you are. When you are connected to your genius, you are joyful, parenting is easy, and your children collaborate harmoniously with you. And this is how they learn to live. Break the cycle of disconnection, fatigue, and drama.” Read more about her views at: http://hendricks.com/blog/60 (Conscious Parenting) and http://www.helendaniels.com.

Aleta St. JamesAleta St. James, Healer & Author, http://www.aletastjames.com

Aleta is an internationally renowned emotional healer, dream maker, and top-selling author of Life Shift: Let Go and Live Your Dream. Aleta has been featured in several prestigious magazines and appeared on many national television shows including Dateline, Good Morning America and CNN. Aleta was recently named among the “People Who Inspire” by AARP Magazine and made international headlines in 2004 when she gave birth to twins at age 57.

Jean HanerJean Haner, Author, http://wisdomofyourface.com

Through her books, The Wisdom of Your Face and the upcoming The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face (June, 2010), Jean teaches the unique blueprint you are born with that is yours and yours alone. This inner architecture is reflected in your outer design. Learn to read your own face and discover your life’s journey, and how to move into the full power of who you’re truly meant to be! Receive Jean’s FREE download of 67 minute audio – full of practical tools and information you can put to immediate use in life.

Anisa AvenAnisa Aven, http://www.AnisaAven.com

Considered one of the world’s top manifestation mentors and a law of attraction icon, Anisa makes complicated Conscious Success principles accessible and easy to use. From her corporate position as CEO of a global, executive coaching firm, to her role as an author of dozens of Intentional Success programs to her cherished responsibility as wife and mother, Anisa’s passion shines bright as she supports you in uniting your life’s passion with your work, attracting your dreams and fulfilling your purpose. No matter how many courses, teachers, coaches, gurus and psychics you’ve paid to help you realize your goals; If you aren’t using the ©Vibration Elevation Formulas then you’re taking the long road to personal and professional fulfillment. Apply this 6-minute formula to instantly shift your level of consciousness, stop self-sabotage and empower your magnetic attraction.

Carolyn B. ColeridgeCarolyn B. Coleridge, LCSW, Intuitive Soulutions, http://www.intuitivesoulhealing.com

Carolyn is a psychotherapist, Spiritual Intuitive and Energetic healer with a 15 year Clinical Social Worker/ Counselor practice. She has performed hands-on healing for children in chronic pain and is a volunteer healer at the Agape International Spiritual Center and Well Being Ministry. Carolyn has appeared on TV and Radio, including CNN international. Finding your Life Purpose 5 Easy Steps is Carolyn’s Bonus Gift for you. Use her article to assess your goals and dreams through your own soul’s calling. PLUS, receive 10 FREE minutes of spiritual Life Coaching, or a soul life purpose reading.